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What's Next from Me?

2011-07-18 17:27:41 by PuffballsUnited

First off, just want to say, thanks for the overwhelming reception of Stealing the Diamond! Set a new personal record of 4.67, which made my day!

First things first, will there be another one in the series? Short answer: yes. I'll make another eventually. I started Stealing the Diamond last October and I'm not really feeling like starting another huge project yet.

The next things I'll make will probably be a few short parodies of different games. I've had the ideas sitting in my head for a while and I feel like making something smaller. After that it's time for me to start working on the series that I've wanted to make since I started on Newgrounds. I've been waiting until I had enough skill to make them decent and now I think I've made it to that point.

I also want to get more involved in different Newgrounds events like Pico Day, Robot Day etc. Maybe even participate in one of the game jams. Each time something has come up I've either been busy on Stealing the Diamond or it's been a bad weekend to participate in the game jam. I'm also trying to start voice acting for others now. I need to make a new voice reel. I've never voice acted for other people's projects before but I think it'd be cool!

Finally, I'm going on vacation for a month tomorrow so I may not be on the internets as often as normal. This'll give me a nice break so when I get back I'm feelin' fresh and ready to animate.

So yeah, thanks for all the support! I'd be nothing without the people that like watching/playing what I make.

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What's Next from Me?

It's finally out! Stealing the Diamond is in the portal! If you don't know it's the sequel to Escaping the Prison. Go play it! Let me know what you think, what your favorite fail was, what your favorite ending was etc!

Some fun facts:
I spent 200.5 hours working on this game (That about 8 days).
I started working on it on October 11th.

Ok these aren't actually that FUN of facts. But still,

Stealing the Diamond! (Escaping the Prison sequel)

Nearing Completion

2011-06-17 00:25:52 by PuffballsUnited

Alright, so with the summer here, I should be having more time to work on Flash (If my motivation holds from day to day). I've been working pretty steadily everyday this week.
My GOAL (read: time I HOPE to be done but not guaranteed to happen) is to finish Stealing the Diamond by the middle of July. I've only got three fails left and then some touch up stuff. There's also some rather long transitional scene that aren't accounted for with those three fails.

The one thing I am worried about is Flash doing something lame like running out of memory or something. The game takes 2.5 minutes to export (Without all the music) and it takes anywhere from 3-20 seconds to save depending on what I've worked on.

That said, I'm very excited to finish this huge project. I'm excited to see what people think about it! So far it's got twice as many options as Escaping the Prison.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If you want more frequent updates, follow me on twitter!

Stealing the Diamond Update

2011-04-28 23:43:10 by PuffballsUnited

(In case you didn't know Stealing the Diamond is the sequel to Escaping the Prison)
Just thought I'd throw out an update since it's been a while. Progress is going strong. If I work hard I should be able to finish the second of three endings this weekend.

For those of you wondering when it'll be complete, I... Don't know. I'll tell you that my goal is to finish it by the end of the school year (Early June) but don't hold me to it. School and video games tend to get in the way (And I've been itching to get Portal 2).

Also, if you want more frequent updates you can follow me on Twitter(That's right I'm gonna keep mentioning this)

Oh also, here's a little fun thing I just did. This should keep you occupied until the actual game comes out.

Stealing the Diamond Update

Escaping the Prison has reached 20 million views worldwide! I'm really excited about that! I never thought I'd make something that many people would play/watch. At least not this soon!
To commemorate the occasion I'll announce the title of the sequel to Escaping the Prison.
It's going to be called Stealing the Diamond!
Currently it's about 2/3 done and at 25 fails (So it's already bigger than the last one). If you want more frequent updates, feel free to follow me on the Twitter @PuffballsUnited.

Oh also, I made this picture a while back and nobody review'd it. So if you want toooo... :)

Some Updates 'nsych

2011-01-29 20:31:29 by PuffballsUnited

So the sequel to Escaping the Prison (Not gonna give out the name just yet) is about a third of the way done. I just finished one of three ending paths. The paths'll be longer this time, which means the game's gonna be a lot bigger than the previous one.

Also, I got one of those things where you type stuff and people read what you type and may or may not care about it. So if you feel like it you can follow me and I'll try to post interesting things.

Escaping the Prison has reached 1 million views on Newgrounds!! (Not to mention all the views it's got on all the other game websites combined)
To commemorate the occasion I'll give a status update on the sequel!
I'm almost done with one of the endings. This game is going to be a lot bigger than the last one. To give you a perspective I'm about a third done with the game and it's already half the size of Escaping the Prison. I've been trying to work on it a bit every day which is helping me make progress!

I'm gonna say one more thing. The game is not going to be about escaping from jail again. ;)

Thanks so much everyone who enjoyed Escaping the Prison (and Breaking the Bank). It;s your support that keeps me motivated and excited to submit more projects! :D

vv Also, here's a picture from the game vv

Escaping the Prison Sequel Update


2011-01-01 04:48:33 by PuffballsUnited

You are convicted of multi-anti-civil violations. Implicit citizenship, revoked. Status: Malignant.

Brb, Black Ops

2010-11-10 22:53:36 by PuffballsUnited

So yeah... Black Ops came out yesterday and I've been pretty... Distracted.
If you wanna hit me up just add my XBOX Gamertag.

Be sure to mention who you are and where you're coming from in a message though otherwise I wont add you. Well, I may not add you anyway, depends on my mood :p.

XBOX Live Gamertag: PuffballsUnited

Also, Zombie mode is INTENSE!


2010-11-03 19:04:51 by PuffballsUnited

Hey guys, I've released a new movie entitled Failiens - Hunger!
Watch it here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/

It's got music by Brian Holmes aka ThatComposerGuy.

Watch it! Review it! Love it! Fave it! 5 it!

I've begun working on the sequel to Escaping the Prison. I'll keep you guys posted!

Update - Man this always happens. Had I submitted this one day later I would've gotten daily first. Oh well. At least I got front page, so people will see it! :)