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PuffballsUnited's News

Posted by PuffballsUnited - November 30th, 2015

First off I want to thank everyone for the awesome reception of Fleeing the Complex! I never expected it to get so many views so quickly! So again, thank you all for your support and likes over the years.

Now, onto what a lot of you are probably wondering. WHEN IS NEXT HENRY GMAE IS MAKED? Well... I don't like to commit one way or the other. If I do make another one, it wont be for a few years again (sorry). I need to let the ideas build up. Plus I want to focus on [topic in next paragraph].

In the more near future, I plan on making games for/with Innersloth, the group that @fortebass and I started. We've got a concept we're working on and I want to dedicate a lot more time on it. 

I'm pretty active on Twitter so if you want to keep up with my keepin ups you can follow me there!

Oh, and FtC is coming out for Android and iOs before Christmas (hopefully). Can't promise iOs before Christmas but Android should be doable.


Posted by PuffballsUnited - November 12th, 2015


The sequel to Infiltrating the Airship is here!

I hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think!


Posted by PuffballsUnited - October 1st, 2015

Hey guys, just wanted to do an update here! In case you didn't know I'm making a sequel to Infiltrating the Airship called Fleeing the Complex! I recently finished the 4th ending out of 5! Here's some current stats on my progress:

46/60 Fails animated

4/5 Endings done

25.1MB filesize

412 Hours of work

0/?? Medals in the game


That means I have one ending and 14 fails left! (As well as adding medals, writing a few songs and making menus etc..)


Now I know all you are thinking is WHEN IS GAME BE OUT 4 ME PLAY?????? I'll just say this, I'm shooting for November. When in November I can't say until it gets closer and I know how much work is left. I'm super afraid to miss a deadline so I'm not gonna set one :)

And here's an edited picture from one of the endings to hold you over. Go on, soak it in.2240474_144372362833_Ending.png


Posted by PuffballsUnited - June 5th, 2015

Hey guys, for those of you who don't know I've been working on a sequel to Infiltrating the Airship. It's been about 5 months now and I'm.. only halfway done. I've nearly completed 3 out of the 5 endings.

My inital goal was to have the full game done by July but by March I realized that was not gonna happen. I was still shooting for an August release but that's not gonna happen either, if I'm being realistic. I'm also stressing a bit cuz as the file gets bigger, flash gets more unstable. I really don't want to run into problems right at the end.


SO, the release date for Fleeing the Complex has been pushed BACK until MID FALL. I've been stepping up my working on the game so hopefully the second half of the game will get done faster than the first. 


If you want to keep up to date with my progress you can follow me on Twitter. I tend to post there pretty frequently.

So yeah, hopefully this isn't too disappointing. I'm working to make this one better than the last, and I can def see I've improved since then. 


Here's a sneak peek of the fail screen! :D



Posted by PuffballsUnited - April 20th, 2015

Hello everyone! Just released a new cartoon, check it out if you want!



I'm still working on Fleeing the Complex (The sequel to Infiltrating the Airship). Unfortunately I'm a bit behind so it'll probably be ready more towards the end of the summer.. Currently at 15 fails!


Also, gonna be at Pico Day again this year! Looking forward to meeting all the new people that are going this year and seeing the people I met last year! It should be a lot of fun!


bai bai


Posted by PuffballsUnited - February 3rd, 2015

If you follow me on twitter you might already know this but I'm working on a sequel to Infiltrating the Airship! The sequel is gonna be called Fleeing the Complex! 


It's going to have 58 unique fails, as well as 5 endings!

So far I've made 7/58 fails so there's still a ways to go. I'm aiming for a summer release!



Posted by PuffballsUnited - January 23rd, 2015

Hey everyone I'm alive! I know I say that every time I make a news post.


Anyways, what have I been up to? Oh tons! I worked on one game with a friend, cancelled it, and then made another one with the same friend. THAT GAME IS OUT NOW PLAY IT! :D


I'll be making more games with this chap in the future so be sure to keep an eye on innersloth!


In more news, I've also been working on a sequel to Infiltrating the Airship. Right now I've only revealed the initials for it, FtC. Soon I will reveal the title!

Now go! Enjoy yourselves out there!


Posted by PuffballsUnited - April 23rd, 2014

I've released my first animation in two years. Wait.. it's 2014... Make that 4 years heh.. ANYWAY I hope you like it!


It's based off my first attempt to land on the Mun in Kerbal Space Program. The animation only took me about 3 weeks to do. I'd like to do more short animations like this in the future.


Pico Day is this weekend and I'm going again!! Catching a non-red eye flight this time so I should actually be awake and conscious for it this time! Still gonna be equally nervous but it'll be fun! I'll try and actually stop by the stream this time to say hi to people. 


Posted by PuffballsUnited - March 7th, 2014

I feel really bad for not posting news here more often. I come to NG everyday! I tend to tell myself Ima post something, then I either forget or talk myself out of it. Well here is the news post finally!

What have I been up to? I've been doing two things:

1) Converting the Henry Stickmin series into apps avaiable on Android and iOs.

2) I've started making a game with a friend of mine.



I've been able to release Escaping the Prison (iOS / Android) and Stealing the Diamond(iOS / Android)! I know you can play them for free here but these versions have a few small fixes, and you can play them on the go! :D Infiltrating the Airship is also planned to be converted.



I guess this is the first time I'm really talking about this. I'm always scared to give away too much info but I think I'm going to embrace it more. Maybe even start a devblog of sorts. The game doesn't have a name yet (We've been calling it Ghost Game). It's top down and you fight enemies and stuff. You can also customize your weapon. I'm gonna link to my site PUFFBALLSUNITED.NET in hopes that people go there and to also motivate me to actually start using it! It's really just a simple tumblr site but that's pretty much all I need. Any advice for making it look better would be nice too! :D (Cuz I think it looks kinda meh)



I know some of you guys are prolly really waiting for news about this. I'll tell ya, I haven't been able to come up with any great ideas yet. I think if/when I do make another I'll want it to be the big finale! Infiltrating the Airship really pushed the boundaries of flash (at least on my computer) so I'll need to figure out a way to deal with that if I want it to be bigger (Maybe make it into multiple parts who knows..?)


So yep! I'm not dead, and I'm not inactive. I'm going to try and be better about posting here more often, both for news and for actual content. Once I finish converting Infiltrating the Airship I'm gonna try and do more short animations. Maybe parodies, maybe original things, who knows. Anyway, Thanks for reading this!


Here's a pic from the secret Ghost Game. It's nothing final by any means but just to give you something.



Posted by PuffballsUnited - May 27th, 2013

After working on this game since the beginning of September it's finally done! I spent a total of 378 hours on it, which is a lot more than I did on the last one. I hope you guys like it! :D
I should probably link to it haha

For some reason the wrong icon is showing though :(

EDIT: So I got daily 4th. I'm kinda surprised and pretty bummed about this actually.. I know it's just a pixel icon but it still sucks.. I feel like I got 0 bombed pretty hard because the score was at 4.20 and then suddenly it bombed to 3.82

Infiltrating the Airship is out now!