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That pokedex voice was SPOT ON!

Wow that was really good!

I always love your animations and this one is no different. Great work as usual!

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks man! :)

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Well, I like it

I thought this was a really cool idea. Sure as you know the controls had some issues, but it didn't make the game unplayable. I have to say I didn't actually complete the game, mainly because I didn't have the patience :P. If there were medals I might've played all the way through.
I don't know how hard it is to program a game like this (Pretty difficult I'd imagine) but the main control problem I had was with the throwing. But I'm sure you've already heard enough about that.
I would've also had a small description of what the coins are for (ie "Get the challenge coin(s) in each of the worlds" or something like that. Similar to how it explains the controls)

Overall I like the idea and I don't think the game deserves the score it currently has (Too low).

I just played this game for 2 hours....

It's a lot of fun and it's very addicting!
One suggestion I have though is that if you miss a ring and lose your combo, you could get a quarter of it back if you instantly stick the next ring. That way you get rewarded for recovering quickly.

One final thing that frustrates me. Sometimes I'll lose my combo because the only thing that's coming up is freaking red bars... And I can't do anything about it... :(

Fuuuun!! :D

I dunno why, but I really liked this game! The programming was well done and the music fit the mood of the game. I also like the fact that there were several different ways to get through certain areas. I liked being able to climb the walls and the character was cool too (Even though he's so simple). I ended up making my own noises for him when I messed up :P. The programming was also well done. The controls were very smooth and I did not have any trouble with them. One tiny thing though. when those big black blocks crush you, jumping into the sides of them kills you too. I didn't think it should be like that, but it's your call.

Now for some of the flaws. There wasn't much of a plot, or anything for that matter. Here's controls, now go! I wish I knew why I was going wherever I was going. The game was actually a little too easy. I think the longest I was stuck at a room was about a minute (The gun ball shooty room). Maybe making three different paths each with their own difficulties would be something you could do? That would add some replayability to the game as well.

Anyways, that's it from me.

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This was my favorite song in the game. You've gotten quite good at music making, 'specially 8-bit sounding ones. My favorite part is at right at the end where the bass slowly fades in the bum bum bum bums.


I love the part at 1.10! This song makes me feel good. I usually vote 10 on songs that pop back into my head later, and this song did that.
Well done!

Or4nges responds:

Thanks! My favorite part too lol; Rather catchy.

Too Short!

Every time I listen to this I get disappointed that it ends! :[
I swear it could go on longer.
I also really like the way the wobble goes between fast ones and slow ones (and also the ones where it starts faster and gradually slows).
Great job!

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks! Yup, you pretty much covered all the dynamics I used in them. Next time, I might consider chaning resonance, stereo separation, and try to really make the sound pour out.

I could have been longer, but I found this took a long time to make having to try to time the wobbles. I got tired of it honestly.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Great Whites can't jump

HugoVRB responds:

But they can bite and completely annihilate their opposing team in a horrible horrible gory spectacle that will forever ban basketball as long as humans populate the cosmos.

Cool Idea!

Just one thing missing. This would be much better with color!

Iconock responds:

Fantastic idea, my good friend.

Not very good...

It looks very disproportionate. The arms look unnatural and it just... doesn't look right.

thies responds:


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