New Cartoon and Pico Day

2015-04-20 18:02:31 by PuffballsUnited

Hello everyone! Just released a new cartoon, check it out if you want!


I'm still working on Fleeing the Complex (The sequel to Infiltrating the Airship). Unfortunately I'm a bit behind so it'll probably be ready more towards the end of the summer.. Currently at 15 fails!


Also, gonna be at Pico Day again this year! Looking forward to meeting all the new people that are going this year and seeing the people I met last year! It should be a lot of fun!


bai bai


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2015-04-20 18:40:12

I think we met at 2013 event, but I was out of my mind with fatigue and pain. I guess that means I get to meet new people all over again ;) Hope your journey isn't overly stressful, and you have a smashing time after you touch down!

PuffballsUnited responds:

I do remember meeting you! Didn't realize you were in pain :( Hopefully this year will go much better!


2015-04-21 09:50:26

one day ill rob a bank and steal a diamond after infiltrating and airship and all that while escaping the prison and feeling the complex.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Just don't blame me when you get caught


2015-04-21 15:50:46

Massive tooth infection, kept me from sleeping more than 2 hours at a go. Also had major back surgery a month prior to the '13 party.

I'm going to risk going to the office Friday afternoon to see who's around, I'm much better in smaller crowds. If you see me, come say hi, I got burger money for all the folks who submit stuff here :)

PuffballsUnited responds:

I should be stopping by on Friday so I'll keep a lookout for ya!


2015-04-21 20:39:19

Great animation, looking forward to Fleeing the Complex :D

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad! I hope it doesn't disappoint!


2015-04-24 12:47:48


PuffballsUnited responds:



2015-05-02 17:17:28

I am a huge fan of your Henry Stickman games. They make me laugh so hard and i almost died when i found out you are making another one. I know it will be awesome. i am becoming a game designer as well and i hope my games will be as funny as yours. My favorite fails are the caption falcon ones (falcon punch and falcon kick) and the metal bend from escaping the airship. I know this might be asking a lot but would it be possible to put a Mega Man fail in the next game? Thank you so much for all of your work on these stickman games and i cant wait to play the new one!!!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks for the kind words :)
Mega Man? Hmm... Maybe.


2015-05-05 05:09:00

Keep up the good work, I love your games. I don't tend to watch movies, so I dunno how your movies are but your games are a trip.

Thanks for always working hard to put on a good show for us, you've always made good quality games with plenty of laughs.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Well the games are almost like movies that are interactive. I'm glad you like them!


2015-05-27 06:19:04

Hey, how's it going with this? I don't like constantly asking when it's coming out, but if possible, I like to keep track, so out of curiosity, how many fails are you up to? :)