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Time for a Pre-New Year's Update

Posted by PuffballsUnited - December 30th, 2018

Hey guys. Been a while. Here's some things.

Among Us has jumped in player-count over the holidays so that is super exciting! If you haven’t played it give it a try! It’s free on mobile or you can get it on steam! For those that don't know check out the previous news post.


The Henry Stickmin Collection, moreover the finale (Completing the Mission), is moving along. Though to be honest, the past 4 months or so have been really bad in terms of productivity. I’ve been dealing with some health and depression issues that I’m slowly working out. I don’t want to get too personal on here so I’ll leave it at that. The game is about 25% done but I have not been getting as much work done as I could. I don’t want to say anything about a release date until I get into a more stable workflow.

On a lighter note, I’m curious how you guys feel about spoilers for Completing the Mission. I’m pretty secretive about any information for this game because I think it will be better if things are surprising, but I wonder how much I should reveal. Stuff like the plot or number of endings. Should I reveal any of that? It still feels like there’s so much left that I don’t want to hype people up too early. I feel bad making a new post with no new information though, since it’s been about six months since any new CtM info. So I'll leave you with this teaser.




I think you should reveal some information about CTM, but not too much. I think the plot and number of endings and anything like that shouldn't be revealed and should be left for the player to find out themselves when they play the game. Revealing stuff like the amount of fails, progress done on it, screenshots of some areas, etc is alright but I don't think you should spoil any fails, endings, plot points, etc. That's just my opinion though.

Hope you're doing well! Take your time and don't rush it, I think the Henry Stickmin Collection will turn out great. :)

Good to know

I agree. I especially don't want any endings spoiled. There is one dream ending that I have in mind that I would be utterly heartbroken from if it was spoiled to happen.
However, I'd be perfectly fine with a few details about the opening to help give context to where this epic climax is taking place.
But aside from a few opening pics and maybe one pic for each of the fan favorite characters already confirmed to return, I'd rather be surprised as I Complete the Mission myself.

I would definitely not spoil an ending, but maybe the amount of endings.

I personally think you should reveal a *couple* of photos, but keep spoilers minimal, I enjoyed your games so much more not experiencing spoilers.

Everything I've seen from you has been brilliant and we're all craving your final release. Don't rush it and take time off when you need it. I'm sorry that you've been going through some personal issues, just take it easy! :)

doing the best I can!

do you have depression ?

On 1 Hand, I think You Should NOT Spoil Anything! It'll Ruin The Fun Of Figuring Out What The Heck's Happening! Though, On The Other Hand Not Knowing Anything Is also Terrible. Having To Wait Till The Release Of The Game Is (To Me) TORTURE!(I Know I Must Learn The Ways Of Patience!!;) ) The Best Choice Is, Well Just Listen To Joonas08Joonas! My Thoughts EXACTLY! Anyways I Think You Should Take Your Time And Relax! Ok! (I'll Eventually Learn To Wait! [I Already Did That Joke...Sorry :3])

I can't really afford to just let it take forever though

That is a really teasing teaser man! Looking forward to that, and hope those personal issues get better too. Happy New Year in a bit! Always a chance to just let go of the old and start fresh.

me too!

Happy New Years! I personally don't want anything spoiled, but I'd be happy either way.

Sounds good

I personally think that even if it wasn’t spoiler, I’d like to know how much progress there was regularly. ;D

I don't want to give people a way to track how productive i am

I wouldn't mind knowing the basic plot, to be honest.


Even though I know that this is your last game, I can't help but imagine what a joint project between you and Alan Becker would have looked like.
.... Yep. Would have been cool.

I've never really worked with someone else before, at least when it comes to art.

Ok so why does the CTM logo look like the Chaos Facility thingy from Infiltrating the Airship?

That's not the logo for CtM it's just a teaser image

I think you should just reveal some minor things, because if they know too much before it comes out, the audience'll be less excited and surprised. However, if you keep it fully secret, they might start creating and expecting certain plots that might not be able to be surpassed by the actual plot at the end.
If you don't want to follow my advice, that's fine for me. I just wanted to give my personal advice via the experience I've had.

Good points

Will the map look different on each remastered henry game?


Will the Henry Stickman Collection on Steam cost any money?


@wutlol6661 @PuffballsUnited
But the ones here on Newgrounds are free. Why are you making people pay for the ones on Steam?

I feel like the games are of the quality that I should be paid for my work? I can't afford to spend 2 years+ working on a free game.

I hope there will be a growling stomach in CTM, a lot of gasps in it, some facepalms in it, a "Noooooooo!" in it, some "Oh, crap!" in it, some cryings in it, and some vomit in it (which is gross) in my opinion, but I hope they will be in CTM.

Naw no puke

Much like everyone else here, i think a few small teasers could be nice because as of now it seems that it could be a while away and you dont want people loosing interest. I assume that image on te post is a teaser in its self. Something about the center of chaos containment.

Overall, you know whats best and in the end, you’ll “complete the mission” of finishing the game

I'll try and come up with good things to tease

good luck to you :3

thank you

@corbyncollins @PuffballsUnited Aw man! Maybe the growling stomach, the facepalms, a ton of gasps, a "Noooooooo!", some cryings, and some "Oh, crap!" may work.

you will just have to wait and see

I think you should reveal photos, and maybe even the number of endings. I would also love for you and Alan Becker to work together since ur both very very talented animators/artist. Maybe try getting incontact with him. Hope this helps!

I don't think i'd be very good at collabing. But thanks for thinking of me!

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