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Released a New Game!!

Posted by PuffballsUnited - November 16th, 2018

I haven't mentioned this once here, but if you follow me on Twitter you probably know about it. I worked on a game called Among Us! for those that don't know, I cofounded a company called Innersloth and we just released the new game today!


You and your crewmates are in a spaceship, and you gotta fix it up so you can get back home. However, one of you is an alien impostor, bent on killing everyone on the ship. It's a multiplayer game that you can play with randoms online, but the true best experience is playing with a bunch of friends and using discord or skype to chat! We just released on Steam today! If you want to give it a try before you buy it's also free on mobile (with ads).



Let me know what you think! We've been working on this game for nearly a year now! It's really exciting to finally launch! Having a game on steam has been a big dream of mine so it's really cool to take that step!




I'll be sure to get it on mobile!

Awesome! Hope you find it fun!

4 boxes on Steam that's a good deal,I'll have to bring some dedicated friends so we play this together ! Also I'll be waiting for the Henry Stickman collection remastered at any time . Keep it up you PuffBall !

4 boxes? hope you can convince those friends!

@Hesiolite @PuffballsUnited At least in euro it's 3.99

Ah moneys. Never heard it referred to as boxes before haha

@Hesiolite @PuffballsUnited @PuffballsUnited Yeah I meant bucks

Ah Gotcha ;D haha I'm gonna start using boxes now

@TheReviewTrickster @PuffballsUnited downloaded it! I guess I'm bad at thesethe controls and it takes a while to get used to the layout and mechanics, but it can be nice. Except when my WiFi disconnects me or no one listens in chat. But not your problems.

Yeah it's def best played with a group of friends, all on the same wifi in the same room. The controls are better on PC IMO, but there are two control options on mobile so maybe the other style would suit you better?

I had a really fun game. I'll try to organize a private one with some NGers on Discord. Maybe that'll be fun.

That would be awesome! :D

cant wait to check it out!,is it on the app store now or will it be later?

It's there now! It's been there for the past few months!

@Hesiolite @PuffballsUnited @PuffballsUnited Ugggh by Azazel what have I done !?

Worth it

@BrockTheBro @PuffballsUnited great! ill be sure to get it

Awesome! Hope you have fun!

Ok I'll check it out.


A real game huh! This looks pretty cool. Congrats on the big step!

Thanks man! It's exciting

Glitch in game: Once you die and become a ghost, you can literally fly out of the ship.

You're a ghost. Fly out of the ship if you want.

its pretty awesome i love it but... you are gonna change your name to

No I am not Innersloth, I am PART of Innersloth

Happy to see that I'm going to have something to be hyped until I wait for henry! :D

I'm glad!

That game seems really cool!!! Tho i'm still really excited for when the collection comes out! It feels like I've been waiting an ETERNITY!! (Sorry if i'm rushing you, just, I really cannot wait 1 more year [I think a year?]. It's just impossible to me!) Anyway's PLEASE update as soon as something interesting happens, or just leak a bit of info! I don't have social media so I can't look on posts on twitter and stuff. Also after * months I see 1 post (and it's about a different game. [sorry if this is too picky])!! Please post a bit more! Please? Thanks! -Babypower333

New update is here. Also You will probably have to learn how to wait ;)

*4 months. This is for the part in my last comment for the amount of months I haven't checked your posts. AKA It has been 4 months since your last Henry Stickmin post. (Edited in part: I just realised i could edit "4" into my last comment. :| But where's the fun in that?)
Bye -Babypower333 (again)

Great game, I already bought it. BTW, will you create a post about progress with CtM by the beginning of new year?

2 minutes ago! :O

Wow, your first game on the Steam store must be a HUGE milestone for you. Cheers! Hopefully I dig up a few bucks and buy some more money for my Steam Wallet to buy this game. (And a few other games, as well :P )

It is! Really exciting! Thanks for the support! :D

There's a glitch in the game lol. Rarely, I see an Impostor standing on the medbay door. And then He/She closes the door, and glitches in the wall.

Yup we're still working out lots of bugs. We're updating the game frequently!

I just bought the game a week ago and I really enjoy it with 13 hours already under my belt, I would definitely buy this game for my friends. I also just wanna say I've also been a huge fan of your work, since before Stealing the Diamond. Keep up the excellent work, super excited for Completing the mission and the Henry Stickmin HD remakes.

Thanks man! I appreciate the support a lot!

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