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Henry Stickmin Remaster Update

Posted by PuffballsUnited - October 9th, 2017

It's time for another update! If you're not aware I'm working on remastering the old Henry games, as well as making one final game in the series. It's planned to be released on Steam. You can get more details here. In terms of progress, I've made it all the way to Fleeing the Complex now. FtC is much faster to remaster cuz it doesn't need as much work. This means I should be able to start the new game soon, which makes me really excited! Now I wanna show some more side-by-side comparisons cuz I think they're fun! :D



2240474_150757625121_records.pngSome rooms in ItA got complete redesigns. This is one of the bigger ones.



2240474_150757635332_Screenshot-8_14_20179_57_50PM.pngApparently safety was no concern to the Toppat Clan back in the day. 



2240474_150757644953_Screenshot-10_9_201711_58_38AM.pngDid you know? Snow is infact not gray. Also the background has paralax now but you can't see that in a still picture. Also you get to see the new skip button design.



2240474_150757652822_Screenshot-9_19_20175_58_19PM.pngIt's amazing what a bit of color will do.



2240474_150757657752_Screenshot-10_9_201711_36_32AM.pngEven though it's the newest one, some of the backgrounds might still get a slight touch up.


And here's a bonus image from Infiltrating the Airship. It's the sketch layer of one of the redesigned rooms, maybe you can guess which one?



As usual, some of these images have already been posted on Twitter so if you follow me there you would've seen them earlier!


Comments (67)

Finally a new update! I can't wait for the 6th game to come out!!!

Hopefully it'll be worth the weight.

Can't wait!

Me neither

Don't remember the exact choices you needed to do in order to get to the redesigned room but, I know its the one with the key on the counter, and the vents, the door that exits the ship, and the computer. The computer room, im guessing is the name of that room.

I dunno if it has an official name but it will. And you are correct. They key kinda gives it away

:O It's amazing :D Loving the small touch ups. Fleeing the Complex was your best work and some how you've made it even better!

Also that sketch layer at the bottom is the room where you have the 'Elevator' (definitely not an escape pod) the addictive computer with Civ, and the vent. Not sure what this room is called. Perhaps the 'operations room'? it's a big computer, that could display maps, blue prints and stuff.

I think I ended up calling it the surveillance room but yeah you got it!

Thanks for the update!

No prob

is jacksepticeye and markiplier gonna sill be in the game?

I dunno. They already made an appearance.

I know that but when they do IF they do will their models be redone?

yeah prolly

Amazing! Your news posts are as fun as always!

I'm glad!

How much for all 6 games

I don't know yet

A steam game, huh? Will it have as much content as fleeing the complex or more than that?

It's looking like the last game will be 3x bigger than FtC. But the game will also include all the previous games as well so there should be a lot of content.

I, like many people, have been eagerly waiting for a new update, and you have not disappointed! Looks like you even updated the appearance of the airship! Room names were mentioned a couple of times, that will definitely be a new, interesting feature.

Really can't wait for the game to come out :D:D:D HYPE HYPE HYPE! I'd like to know where Henry will be in the 6th game... I noticed someone mentioned a jungle/forest in a previous update.

Fleeing the Complex was originally going to take place in a jungle, maybe that's what you're thinking of. I have a general idea of the setting but I don't want to say anything till it's cemented.

Are you going to make them free or a price on steam?

For a price.


You musstttt

I can't wait for it to be released on Steam. I'm looking forward to replaying all the games. I'm so psyched!!!

:D I'm glad to hear it!

Is the collection coming out this year?

No not even remotely close

i have to questions for you.
1. How old are you?
2. how long did it take you to make the original breaking the bank?

1) I turned 27 last month. oof...
2) I don't quite remember. I started it in a Computer Graphics class but then took a long break and finished it on my own computer in the late summer.

This looks AWESOME, My friend kept asking me where to find updates. And now, I have them, Now I can tell him about it, Hes gonna be excited, WE both love this series, We actually played BTB, ETP, And STD in school and his first time playing through, I challenged him to getting the secrets, and would you know? This was the time where FTC was released! Yeah, back in 2015. Time fly's doesn't it?
And he was cracking up every time he saw the fails. He still plays this occasionally when we have the time to screw around.
Great job as always Puffballs, I am SUPER Excited.

Awesome! I'm glad you guys enjoyed the games!

Did you put the game on playstore?
Can you give us the shortened 6th game?(As a clue)

There's nothing in the 6th game yet. I'm not sure if it'll go to the playstore/appstore yet.

i nut about 3 times to this and then my dicc started to hurt so i had to stop but i like this nice work my dude

I feel honored

This may sound dumb, but how much will the collection cost when it's finished? I just want to know so I have enough money to buy it right away!

It's not dumb! It's just too early for me to say with confidence what the price will be. I want it to be a price that feels worth it.

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