Henry Stickmin Collection Update

2017-06-19 13:33:41 by PuffballsUnited

Alright I figured it's time for an update. I've been working hard on remastering the old Henry games. I should clarify, remastering means I'm redoing all the bacgkrounds (not sure about FtC) as well as updating all the SFX. I'm not gonna be messing around with animation really. If you're not sure what I'm talking about you can read the previous news post here!


Anyways I wanted to show some progress!




The aspect ratio is being updated to a modern widescreen. This is most noticeable in the older games.




I realized that nighttime looks different than daytime. Also if you follow me on twitter you would've already seen this one ;)




Now the museum looks more like a museum, and less like a parking garage.




I didn't think ItA was gonna need that much work but I was wrong. The airship is gonna have a bit more style on the inside now.



Alright I'll throw in a bonus too! I don't wanna give away everything but I'm pretty proud how a lot of these are turning out.


As of now I've finished Breaking the bank and the backgrounds for EtP and StD. Currently working through ItA. Not sure if FtC will be faster or not because I'm not sure how little I can get away with doing for the backgrounds. I know the colors need to be touched up but maybe that's it? We'll see when I get there. 


Well that's it from me for now. I post on twitter way more than here so follow me there if you want more frequent updates! And thanks for sticking around throughout the whole series. I really do appreciate it.


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2017-06-19 13:43:06

Oh man, I cannot wait for this!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hopefully it will be worth the weight.


2017-06-19 14:09:39

Looks awesome, and I'm glad you're updating us on this. Can't wait!

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad you're following!


2017-06-19 15:03:07

This looks even better than expected! I think the most striking comparison was ItA. I figured that was late enough in the series, that your art was probably already substantially improved. But holy crap, that is a big step up!! It has so much style now, it actually looks like an Airship!

I love the new use of colours! It wasn't apparent how overused greys were until the new versions were made so much more lively.

I need to wrap up my LPs soon (this is Graeme Games / 2 Left Thumbs), so I have a bit of down time before totally revisiting the series :D

PuffballsUnited responds:

I thought the exact same thing about ItA. That's why I'm worried FtC might need more but we'll seee. I feel like I've just gotten started on using colors! haha

Oh did you change your name? I thought I recognized your name.


2017-06-19 15:46:15

Looks awesome is this going to be released on Newgrounds or Steam?

PuffballsUnited responds:

It'll be on steam. It makes me pretty sad but I don't think I'll be able to put it on NG.


2017-06-19 16:14:04

The updated photos looks amazing, I'm so excited for this collection!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Me too!


2017-06-19 16:45:13

holy shit! you really improved. keep up the good work. love it.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks! It's pretty nice to be able to see improvement with a comparison!


2017-06-19 17:28:46

See, it's funny.
When I first ever saw your games, I already thought the backgrounds were good looking, but looking at the new versions, the old ones look like crap! (no disrespects of course.) It really shows how much you have improved.

I am really excited to see it all come together and will always follow and support your work!
Keep it up, and good luck with your future projects!

-Evan (XtremeElectrix)

PuffballsUnited responds:

yeah I see what you mean. I thought they were pretty good at first too but def not now. so yeah no offense taken haha.
I'm excited as well! Thanks for sticking around!


2017-06-20 17:51:11

Love the revisions! but how are you going to get this on steam without the greenlight program?

PuffballsUnited responds:

They have something to replace greenlight I'm pretty sure.


2017-06-21 04:10:43


PuffballsUnited responds:

You'll just have to hold on a biiiiiit.


2017-06-21 15:24:05

Wanted to ask can we also get a Steam version of the remasterd game? or its only for browser

PuffballsUnited responds:

It's the opposite, only for steam.


2017-06-21 15:36:37

No name change, I have just had my Newgrounds account much longer than I have been doing LPs on YouTube. I ended up keeping the 2 with separate names, since they don't really relate to one another in terms of content.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Ah that makes sense.


2017-06-24 14:36:33

Will you remake Crossing The Pit on Henry Stickmin Collection?

PuffballsUnited responds:

I won't remake Crossing the Pit, but I might add the original as a bonus content.


2017-06-24 17:18:18

oh, boy! The reworking is astounding! The exterior of the museum especially! I've played the games since a little before ItA, and have been a loyal fan since. I wasn't planning on having a steam account, but now I have to have one! I can't miss out on Henry's greatest adventure! Thank you for making all of this stuff. It's an honor to play it.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks for the kind words! Means a lot to me!


2017-06-25 05:07:38

The style looks so much better! Awesome job! I particularly like the last one!

I know you don't want to spoil too much, but the second StD change has instead of one room, two rooms. How will that work in terms of "Ram - Straight through"? Will we get to choose the room, or is the room pre-decided?

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm only remastering the originals, not adding anything, so the path will proceed like it does in the original.


2017-06-26 00:00:09

This is gonna be awesome! Can't wait. (And for when you reveal the title of the final Henry Stickman game, which I know will take a long time)

PuffballsUnited responds:

Man I still don't have a name planned out...


2017-06-29 17:44:17

I really can't wait for the collection to be released. I really enjoyed the first 5 parts of the series, and my personal favourite fail would be the 'distract' in FtC. The art looks really awesome now. Hopefully the wait is almost over.

One question though. You already said that you wouldn't add anything, but could/will you add a map system such as in FtC also in the other games please?

PuffballsUnited responds:

Oh I'll def add all the quality of life changes to the older games. Like maps and unique fail counters etc.


2017-07-01 13:39:16

I have a question: Are you planning to release the collection together with the new game, or separate? I hope the second... ;)

PuffballsUnited responds:

They will all be together. I want it to all be one great experience!


2017-07-02 07:28:56

You have been my child hood first game maker i ever played...i mean i was amazed of ur games i tried to get all the achievements and i really like the humor in the game.since it is a collection hope u make it like fit into 2000x2578 or any resoulution like D-Sun's new game armed with wings..and i hope u add the map thing that u can select any levels and i hope u release it ASAP

PuffballsUnited responds:

Wow I'm honored! Since it's made in flash it should hopefully be able to fit any resolution but I haven't really messed around with it yet. The map will be added to all the old games. I'd like to release it ASAP but it's gonna be a while.


2017-07-02 10:48:06

Wow, that's allot of improvement! One question? Will you have to pay for the 6th game? Not that it really matters, as i am getting it anyway!

PuffballsUnited responds:

yeah, it will only be available in the Collection releasing on Steam.


2017-07-02 18:26:01

oh the memories im going to miss about the old backgrounds :3

PuffballsUnited responds:

I wonder how many people's nostalgia will not even notice the updated backgrounds. "They haven't always looked like that?"


2017-07-05 03:19:05

You really impress me Puff, the artworks looks so much better than the originals! I am getting more and more excited to get this now, I don't care if I go broke on Steam, I am getting it for sure!

PuffballsUnited responds:

Thanks man!


2017-07-05 03:24:00

Hey Mr. Puffballs Guy! Have you already made the Fail Screen? If you don't try mine, if you already made it you don't need mine!
P.S. Do you have photoshop? Because my FLV can't produce transparent colors.
P.P.S. This may be a concept, but if you like it I can make it final.

PuffballsUnited responds:

I haven't made the fail screen yet. I haven't even started the final game yet. But I prefer to make things myself. Thanks for the interest though!


2017-07-05 12:50:30

how much will it be on stem if you don't mind

PuffballsUnited responds:

I dont know yet. Hopefully a price that feels worth it.


2017-07-07 00:17:10

I'm so excited for the collection! All of the older games look so much better now! I almost can't believe how much you've improved! I don't even care how much the collection costs! I'm going to get it no matter what. Aside from all of the remaking of all the previous games and making the new one, you still need to figure out a title. Here's one! ______ing the _______. There you go. 10/10 best title. Keep up the good work, m8.

PuffballsUnited responds:

:O you guessed the title! Don't tell anyone! Actually I do think I've got a good working title going but it's a secret to everyone.


2017-07-11 11:46:32

Will the games still be playable in 4:3/5:4 aspect ratios? I don't have a widescreen monitor.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yeah it should be fine. If you play in fullscreen it would just be letterboxed (black borders)


2017-07-12 13:24:47

So if it's still following the same pattern, that means we have a predecided way to go down... I'm guessing medieval room based on the options (mace, shield, lance)

PuffballsUnited responds:

The remasters are going to play exactly the same as the older games. No new options are being added.


2017-07-13 06:37:54

I found your Center For Chaos Containment time lapse.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Oh yeah I forgot to link that.


2017-07-13 18:02:27

I know it works exactly the same way, but unless Henry can drive through walls, he has to go through one of the two doors, and my guess is the door he always goes through will be the Medieval one.

PuffballsUnited responds:



2017-07-14 16:58:37

What bout the minimaps for older games? Would be cool, but I'm guessing, additional work is not something you're looking for right now.

PuffballsUnited responds:

Yep gonna work on adding those in as well!


2017-07-14 17:02:57

Also, since I'm not being able to edit my previous comment, bout that Steam thing. You're going to release full Stickmin Collection on it, right? Paid, I'd assume? Not a problem, and I honestly think, you deserve it for all the work. Hopefully with steam achievements and all that good stuff.

PuffballsUnited responds:

You are correct on all accounts.


2017-07-14 22:17:30

Suggestion: Add an option to play as Ellie in the the games, with altered dialogue to go along with it.

(Updated ) PuffballsUnited responds:

Probably not. That would take a long time and wouldn't really be worth it in my opinion. She is her own character with her own story, not a reskin of Henry.


2017-07-17 10:28:23

Will it be free?

PuffballsUnited responds:

Npoe, but I'll try and find a price that makes it feel worth.


2017-07-19 06:33:49

Two questions: 1. Will you add the timer in the remade games?
2. How far are you with the collection? Or you're already working for the sixth game?

PuffballsUnited responds:

1) If you're talking about the timer for quick time events then yes I'll be adding those to most of them.
2) I'm currently about halfway through the art for Infiltrating the Airship. I still need to go back and fix some things in EtP and StD as well. I've only planned 6th game stuff on paper so far.


2017-07-24 09:05:31

Will you release this collection (+the sixth game) for Android/iOS?

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hmm I wasn't planning on it but maybe. Seems like there's a want for it on there.


2017-07-27 18:54:03

Wow Those Are Updated Can't Wait
For This That Will Be Awesome!

PuffballsUnited responds:

I can't wait either!


2017-07-29 14:37:45

I saw the images...

You know my reaction?

I'll write on text, it was like that:


PuffballsUnited responds:

Whoa thanks! :)


2017-07-29 14:51:50

At this point, what is the predicted release date?? And are you gonna make it so that:
When you start, all the games will be locked off except for Breaking the Bank. Beating it opens access to Escaping the Prison. Beating that opens access to StD, and beating that will open access to ItA, which once completed will open access to FtC. Beating FtC will open up the grand finale, and the paths you're allowed to start from depend on what endings you got in FtC, or even crazier, in all the previous games.

Also, a random question irrelevant to this topic: Where did you get the name "PuffballsUnited"??

PuffballsUnited responds:

Predicted release date is to be determined. I haven't even started animating the new game yet (doing the remaster still) so it's probably gonna be a while. And yes the plan is to unlock the games as you play through. You'll just have to wait and see what's planned for the new game ;)

Oh man I came up with PuffballsUnited in middle school. I actually drew comics with little puffballs as characters so that's why puffballs is in the name. It just kinda stuck.


2017-08-02 10:20:54

How come none of your games are in E3 they deserve to be come on you got back HD collection you've got five normal editions for tablet and PC and it's great fun great alternate endings people would love this in E3 E3 you and missing out.

PuffballsUnited responds:

I don't think they'd fit in there


2017-08-03 12:28:11


PuffballsUnited responds:



2017-08-04 12:54:21

I can't wait for Dan TDM or jacksepticeye or Markiplier to make a video on your HD collection of Henry stickman all five games

PuffballsUnited responds:

Would be cool


2017-08-07 13:36:00

hi puffballsunited i have been here since breaking the bank. I really like the games, and i can't wait for the older game to get remastered and the 6 henry game completed to form the henry collection. I really love u. Keep up the good work. I also have 2 questions. 1. Will the henry collection cost money on steam or will it be free? 2. Can i make a timeline wich showes the canon endings.
As i sad i love u keep up the good work i can't wait for u to be finished

PuffballsUnited responds:

1) It won't be free sorry.
2) You can make a timeline if you want, but all endings are canon.


2017-08-07 14:07:07

I'm so exited about it.Just one interesting question: will you remake Breaking the bank?.And why not make a complete game out of it ?
Thanks,we like you,keep going.

PuffballsUnited responds:

I remade Breaking the Bank already but it's not really worth turning into a full game. I'd rather direct that time and energy towards the new game.


2017-08-08 05:40:37

hi puff after you are done with the henry collection sometime this year i have i idead for a spin off series of 2 game. The main character will be Ellie. The first game is about when se succsefully steals somthing like hendy did in stealing the dimond. The Second game will tell how ellie got into the complex called the wall. What did you think of the idea? Anyway i can't wait for you to be done with the henry collection and i will buy no mather the cost :)

PuffballsUnited responds:

I think I want to move away from the series after finishing the compilation. I considered having something like this be a part of it at one point but it would just add so much more time to make.


2017-08-12 07:34:20

How far have you got also have you have fun this summer I had blast yasterday

PuffballsUnited responds:

Still on ItA.


2017-08-13 18:53:37

No offense, but for some reason, it bugs me that Henry doesn't speak much in the previous 5 games. Will you make him speak more in the 6th game?

PuffballsUnited responds:

Well he's more of a silent protagonist. He doesn't speak up very often.


2017-08-14 17:47:43

What does ita mean

PuffballsUnited responds:

Infiltrating the Airship


2017-08-14 17:50:09

Cool sharkfins can you put link on this website for it please only if you want to of course


2017-08-14 17:53:37

The origin of puffball I just cried when my TalkBack read that to me.


2017-08-19 11:47:23

Can I ask you question do you like kwingletsplay channel it amazing

PuffballsUnited responds:

I do not.


2017-08-19 15:24:23

hey puff. i have a question. can you give us a new small update to show some more progress that u made not to much just a little. And also my birthday was 2 days ago. Good luck with the collection

PuffballsUnited responds:

Happy late birthday! Mine is coming up :D
If you check my twitter I'll update there from time to time.