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Completing the Mission Update!

Posted by PuffballsUnited - January 1st, 2020

2020 is here! 2020 is when I've said Completing the Mission will release in. It's finally approaching :O . To clarify, cuz I see a lot of people get confused, Completing the Mission is part of the Henry Stickmin Collection. The Henry Stickmin Collection contains all the previous games, with updated backgrounds and remastered audio. It's planned to release on Steam. A mobile port miiight come, but it would probably be a long time after the Steam release.

Now let's get into some CtM info! I'll start off with some images I've already revealed.


Here's the main setting, a secret Toppat Base. That's right, the Toppat clan is coming back!




I streamed work on CtM once in 2019. You may have caught it. If not here's a screenshot from the area I was working on. You can find my twitch here btw. Is that Ellie? She's coming back too??



This sneak peek was posted on the Innersloth discord, and then later on twitter. Wait I thought this game was about rocket?


I also made an announcement trailer that contains some CtM sneaks at the end


Now for some new stuff! I asked people on twitter what they wanted to see revealed and quite a few people wanted to see something from the intro to the game. To that I say.... Which intro?


I'll let you speculate on this for now >:)


It's really hard to pick stuff to show cuz I don't want to spoil too much, but I do want to show stuff too.


Decided to share this! What could be happening here? What's he doing? Why? All this and more, next time on Henry Stickmin games.


A lot of people were asking for the total fail count. I'd love to share it, but I don't even know it myself. It's currently over 100 that's all I can say! I'm 2/3s done with the game. Then there's a lot of miscellaneous stuff to do, like adding in the achievements and writing music.

Now for the biggest things people want to hear about.

Release date!! I'm aiming for June 2020. There is a high chance I will miss it but that's what I'm aiming for. I'll know more as it gets closer.

Price! It's hard to say without the game being done yet. Currently I'm aiming for a price between $15-20. I want to find a price that feels worth it for players, but also not selling myself short. You also kinda have to price the game to account for Steam Sales.

Well that's it! Hopefully things go smoothly this year and the game comes out on time. I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks! There's a lot of fun stuff in there already ;)



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No wonder the music would be until this summer.

Bro, I am mad excited for the game! I was before, when the announcement on YT released, and now I'm even more pumped! I'd totally pay $15 for this!

Woot! I'm excited too!

So if Henry Stickmin died in TB ending near The Wall, most likely The Wall guards will be in CTM.

perhaps, though I don't know what that has to do with him dying.

Guess who back, back again :)

Henry's back. Tell a friend

Can't wait, best of luck working on it!


Happy new year! It's really exciting that things are going well with CtM and that release is within the year's reach! I hope development continues smoothly for you, and I look forward to the hype leading up to release, haha :D

I hope so too! Gotta get it done!



Oh wow!


Happy New Year!

You too!

Holy sit i can wait!

Me neither

I can't wait, considering how well your other games in the series are doing, I'm glad your going to steam. Can't Wait

I can't wait either

I'm going to say that there's a 81.63% chance that The Wall guards will be in CTM.
36% chance the warden will be in CTM
17.29% chance that Freddy Fazbear will be in CTM
20% chance that the lawyer will be in CTM
49.3 percent chance that the Center for Chaos employees will be in CTM.

Those are weirdly specific percentages

Wait, does this mean CtM will cost money?

Yes. CtM is part of the Henry Stickmin Collection. Collection will cost 15-20

looks cool! I am so excited! I am gonna buy this game!

Whoo! I hope it turns out good!

also there is more than one route?

Look at all the images again hmmm

Happy 2020!
I'm crazy excited for this collection! I'm literally trembling as I'm typing this!
HOWEVER! I can wait. If there is a delay, relax and don't stress too much over it. If there's ONE thing we've learned from AAA companies over anything else, it's that effort brings more satisfied customers than rush jobs and lazy patches. Take your time and make it something to be proud of.

Doin it! The fact that it's possible it comes out this year is giving me some strong motivation!

How long would it take to complete the entire game

It's not done yet so I have no idea

Abuse Physics Engine : summon a horse.
Yayyy, Skyrim


If you are 2/3’s done with Completing the mission how far are you on breaking the bank escaping the prison stealing the diamond Infiltrating the airship and fleeing the complex?




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