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Regarding the Henry Mobile Games

Posted by PuffballsUnited - December 20th, 2019

Recently Stealing the Diamond and Fleeing the Complex were removed from the Android marketplace. Google wanted me to update the games to fix something they didn't like. Unfortunately I can't update the Henry apps anymore. Here's the story:

PROBLEM: I can't update the current games because they were made with an old version of flash. The new version does not accept the certificate file (file used to prove the game is legit and the game it says it is).

"That sucks" I thought. "Guess I wont touch them anymore"

I get emails from Google telling me that I need to support 64-bit by a certain time. I just push it off cuz I know I can't update.

All this time I'm getting Emails from people saying Escaping the Prison doesn't work at all for people. Sorry... Can't fix it :\

Fast-forward to a month ago, Stealing the Diamond and Fleeing the Complex get taken down from the play store. They said I had misleading links in the games (I was linking out to the other Henry games in the Android marketplace).

Now I start to seriously think about options. There's no way to update the games so I decide to upload them under Innersloth (the company i co-founded to make Among Us).

PROBLEM: Adobe Animate does not create apps in 64-bit. I have to buy a license for AIR from a different company. I sigh heavily and grumpily.... Apparently Adobe sold AIR to another company and they don't deal with it anymore. I deliberate for a while and end up trying to use this new version of AIR.

PROBLEM: The ad coding that I use (I bought a package that someone had made for flash/AIR) isn't supported for 64-bit. Welp.

I COULD fix all this. I could probably E-mail the ad guy and see if he plans to update to 64-bit. I COULD pay a yearly license to allow my games to continue on the marketplace. I COULD re-upload the games under Innersloth and lose all the number of downloads I've built up over the years. It's... becoming not worth it.

This comes at an odd time too where I'm working on the Henry Stickmin Collection. It would feel weird to upload the old games again when the remasters are so close on the horizon. I also don't want to spend a lot of time fixing these old games, when I want to be finishing a big new one. Any time spent on this delays the Henry Collection.

THE PLAN: I'm not going to re-upload the old games to the app store. I'm going to focus on finishing the Henry Stickmin Collection. Once that is done and released I will look into the process of getting that game onto the app store instead. I'll be making a news post about the Henry Stickmin Collection around the new year so stay tuned for that!

You may have noticed I didn't even mention apple. Apple sucks for developers IMO. They make you jump through so many hoops and in terms of Downloads, my apps weren't even close what I had on Android. I don't even have a mac anymore so it's EVEN HARDER for me to update things. Not worth.

tl;dr: Apps broke. Can't fix. Wait for the Henry Collection.




Kind of a downer right there, well, it's best to keep moving forward.

It's ok! There are good things to come!

nah it aint just ur opinion, Apple sucks for developers FACT.

In my experience yes

Why dont you just rebuild it in another language? Or hire someone to port

It's so deeply ingrained in flash that it would be really hard to rewrite. Also that would be a ton of time which i don't really want to put towards this atm.

you could make another game but for android

You should go through and read some of my previous news posts. I'm working on a new game

holy SHIT. you made Among Us? talk about a small world.

It's hard to get people to know that I co-founded Innersloth

Well that's a bummer. :/ Corporations complicating things unnecessarily for real here...

Personally though, I'm happy as long as I can play these here on NG. The oldskool way. The one and only.

Hopefully Ruffle works out and allows people to keep playing them after the flash support drop of Dec 2020

Yeah hopefully it'll keep these legends alive forever. :) All seemed so dystopian and bleak for a while there... but all's good now.

Wish Adobe and those other giants were a bit more like NG. Visionaries.


Sometimes older technology just isn't compatible anymore, for better or worse. Do what you have to, personally i'm really looking forward to the Henry Stickman Collection.

Yeah it's true that's how it goes. Can't keep old stuff working forever

luckily, I only got the mobile games because I just felt like it. I still only really play it on ng or unblocked sites at school though. Still, that's a bummer to the people who never had a computer and only mobile devices but liked the game. They wouldn't have any other options besides going to a library or something. -Exantho (still wish I could change it)

Hopefully they'll get the chance sometime

Wow. This is probably when old stuff are broken forever. It's like a federal law that the government wants to shut down these stuff. Or you have to pay a fine if you didn't, right? These days, the law release newer phones to malls.

not quite

maybe try recreating them in html5 or another 2d engine?

That would be so much work

Man, that's reallyy sad! I literally just created this account to tell you that I love your games and I hope you're able to finish the henry collection


I wish you luck for the Henry collection and hope you don't run into the same problems again.
Godspeed you magnificent stickman

I hope not too!

Does the collection have an exact release date yet or at least a month?

@RageShadow Aiming for June 2020.

put the remake on it and i use apks to get it

I didn't realize before now that the Henry Stickmin Collection won't be available on Mac. This means that I won't be able to play it. (I mean macOS btw, not iOS.) You say that Apple makes you jump through so many hoops. Could you elaborate please?

that sucks, but im more hyped for CtM so yea. andd i could download these games from apkpure,

So how I found all of your games on Google Play Store?

If you find any they are not uploaded by me. Someone is trying to take credit for my work.

@P-Medeiros @PuffballsUnited Oh, you want I say you the name of the fake publishers with your name to take them down?

No, just report them and they'll get taken down. The only game I have up still is Infiltrating the Airship

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