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Escaping the Prison 9-Year Anniversary!

Posted by PuffballsUnited - April 17th, 2019

So, I missed it by a few days cuz I was out of town but the 9-year anniversary of Escaping the Prison happened recently! To celebrate I’m posting a bunch of things from the remaster of the game. I did this with Breaking the Bank’s anniversary as well!

For those that don’t know, I’m working on a Henry Stickmin finale called Completing the Mission. It will be released on steam in the Henry Stickmin collection, which also features remastered versions of all the games.

I’ll start off with some images!



You might’ve seen this one in a previous newspost but here it is again! I’ve improved on picking colors. Also shading heads.



This is one of the most improved rooms. Everything just looks nicer, and not a grey concrete cube.



The door moved! Also you can see how the colors do so much! Better looking police hats too ;)



Here’s another one that just has too much to even talk about. Notice how the new widescreen format lets you see a lot more of the sides!

Now for some more intense reveals!

Here’s a comparison of the Opacitator scene! Notice how the sound has been improved. Every room has slight background noise. Also notice that I have not updated any of the animations! That would take way too long.

Finally, here’s the big sneak peek!

Lots of things with this! I had to rerecord the cops’ first lines because the original had some annoying background fuzz, but I still tried to make them sound exactly the same. I also wrote my own score for the intro music. Some other songs will be different as well, for one reason or another. Also, I’ve improved the look of the buttons. Oh, I forgot to record it I guess, but all the buttons in Escaping the Prison now have animated rollovers like the newer games. That will be a reveal only in words!

When I made this game I never expected it to turn into a series. I was inspired by a comment my friend left on Breaking the Bank "Better luck getting out of prison then". People liked the games, so I kept making more! It's been a long journey and I'm hoping I do the series justice with Completing the Mission! It'll release someday >:)



since flash will be discontinued in 2020,what you will do to complete the collection?

It doesn't matter cuz it will be on steam

Dang... How the game that introduced me to this series has become so clean and polished. Which also gives an amazing irony in how filthy that bathroom now looks.

A part of me is sad to see the series end, but deep down, I know that it's better to end on a high note and be remembered fondly than to outstay its welcome or end up canceled and unfinished.

I'm already positive that I'm going to buy this collection. But every new detail adds to the reasons why I have faith in Paufffballsunited to end things right.

Thanks man! I appreciate that! Doin me best!

The game will be out in 2019?

I don't know

Woah, this is an amazing remaster! You managed to keep the style and feel the original backgrounds exuded, but massively improved them artistically and style-y.
Sad to see the series end, but if this is how it's gonna go out, I can't imagine it any other way.

Yay! Thanks~


Fitting image

Ever since Fleeing The Complex came out in late 2015 (I think?) I've been waiting impatiently on it's sequel, and seeing all the other games will be remastered and released alongside Completing the Mission makes me happy. I've never waited on a game this much ever before. Keep on being awesome! :)

I've never worked on a game this long

I know you get this a lot but I am really looking forward to the end to this amazing series. How much do you think it will cost?

I haven't settled on a price yet. I want to see the full game before deciding

Great work, looks very professional! By different songs you mean ending songs?

No just songs that are used at any point in the game

good luck


Looks awesome! Can't wait for the steam release!

Me too

dang looks great


now that is some serious remastering! The bathroom in particular is like straight out of a horror game now. Such a brooding atmosphere compared to those other previews too. Good looking.

haha thanks!

Looks brilliant. I love the new intro as well.

It feels so much more like a prison/police headquarters now, rather than a giant grey box with cell doors. Every little detail fits in so well, definitely the way to remaster a game.

Way too much grey in my past haha

true quality content that will probably die in 2020 (ya probably know what gonna happen by then)

It will be fine

*cries* henry stickmen is my childhood

All the stickmen

Will it be free on steam if you don't mind me asking.

It will be on steam but not free

1) Now ETP is going to be re-animated?
2) Can you add a Mario Reference and Loony Tunes Reference in CTM?

1) No what I've shown is the extent of the remastering. Updated audio and backgrounds but animations will stay the same.

Is this only going to be available on Steam?

That's the plan. It may come to mobile at some point afterwards I will have to look into it

@Master-X yes

@RBaluni Only BtB will be completely redone


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