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New Years Update - Henry CtM

Posted by PuffballsUnited - January 3rd, 2018

It's time for a New Years update!

2017 for me was spent remastering all the old Henry games, to be put into the Henry Stickmin Collection. The remastering is basically done (There's still some polish needed but all the heavy lifting is done). I've begun work on the final Henry Stickmin game, which should be 3 times bigger than Fleeing the Complex:




To clarify, the remasters and the new game will all be part of the collection.

The most common questions I've gotten are, when is it going to be released and how much will it cost?

Those are pretty hard to answer. I can't really give solid answers to either. I've tried to to a time estimate on how long it will take and that puts me at an OPTIMISTIC 1.5 years from now. Sorry.

As for price, it's hard to say until it's done. I want the price to be something that feels worth it. I'd be interested in hearing what you guys would think is a fair price.


Well that's all I got. Looking forward to making 2018 awesome!


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Thanks! This one took a while to complete.

CtM: Crafting The Moon? Closing the Mark? WHATEVER, coming June 2019

Good guesses. Coming *Earliest June 2019

Looks absolutely incredible! Very overgrown feel. The colours are really vibrant and it all stands out so well. Also noticed a subtle little detail: The train. Interesting how all these little things will have plot significance.

And looking closer I see angled cars parked to the left. heh. I get more excited the more stuff I notice on the picture lol. Oh and another thing is I remember you were going to have FtC set sort of in the jungle, but you scrapped the idea. Interesting seeing the idea be refined into something awesome.

Extremely hyped to see how it all comes together and what it's all about!

As for how long it will take don't feel pressured. I'd rather you take 2 years to create a fantastic game than rush it in 1.5 year and it not reach it's maximum potential. Heck, even 3 years if that's what you think is necessary!

Oh and my guess for the name: Capture the Moon?

Yep there's a lot of little details in there! That's why this picture took so long to draw. I guess I've leveled up enough to be able to handle the setting now. Unfortunately I can't dedicate all the time in the world to this game. Having that massive of a mountain of stuff ahead of you can really wear you down.
Good guess for the name but nope.

I'd pay a good £20 to £30 quid, after all it is every single Henry Stickman game lol, but this looks awesome! Can't wait to see what this game will bring! And uh-oh, Henry isn't going to try and fly that thing is he? Last time he did... well, lets just say there's a skeleton behind bars lol.

If he does fly it he'll at least get the staging sequence right (I hope)

9.99 seems fair to me

I'll keep it in mind

Oh and for price? I would happily pay £40 (54$) for this AND the remastered collection.

Remember you can always reduce the price as it lasts longer and remember if it's going on steam there are always sales. I think without any discount maybe 15$-20$? (Sorry if it seems silly of me I don't want to seem rude putting a price on your game)

But since you want a price you could even have it at like $20-25 and you could let people pre-order, for a pre-order maybe some bonus content or maybe a 5-10% discount, or both!

Up to you. But keep those factors in mind. It may make your decision on the price a lot easier.

I'll keep all that in mind!

looks amazing. i'm looking forward to it!

Me too

I would say this is Capture the Moon, but I may be wrong. I would say 10 to 15 dollars sounds right, but, obviously, you can change that. I hope you keep up the great work!

That's a good guess but nope.

I'm guessing this one's gonna be called "Capture the Moon" just looking at the shuttle.

A Fancy Pants Adventure game came out on steam a little while ago and I think it was $10. Was a relatively short game, but definitely fun. Given Fancy Pants had originated as a flash game as well, and comparing the content of that game to the amount in this collection, I'm feeling $20-25 would be a pretty fair pricing for the entire collection. Though if CtM is supposed to be 3x bigger than FtC, then even $30 could be a pretty fair price. Anymore would be pushing it a bit. Definitely not lower than $20 though for this size of game.

Good guess but nope.
I'll keep all that in mind.

what does CtM mean

It's a secret.

I think that the collection would fit your average price of a steam game (18~24 NZD (13-20 USD). The remastered look so great though, that I think any price will fit such a great collection!

Sounds good

Great! I wonder what program are you using to animate/draw. And to code the game

Adobe Animate and FlashDevelop

20.00 pounds


£20:00 for the henry stickmen collection

CTM please don't say its gonna be build your own city game or CAC henry stickmen please no

The game is now a sports simluator

From the Screenshot, the game looks as if it going to be a massive long game. It looks wonderful with the amount of detail. My guess for CtM would be "Colonize the Moon"..? Anyway, its a amazing work in progress.

I wouldn't say long, so much as it is wide, if that makes sense. Lots of people are guessing the M is Moon but it is not.

CtM= conquering the moon
also I am really excited about this I will buy it day 1 :D

I'm glad! Also that's not the title ;)

You know I don't analyse pictures, but when I was on my phone I zoomed in on the train and as I came out of the zoom on my phone, I saw a tophat. At first I was reluctant to think it was based on the Toppat clan, but originally I thought the trucks (T&C) signified that, but I thought it was a stretch so I got rid of that assumption, but after I saw the tophat, on the front of the building I immediately realised there was something that quite clearly tied to the Toppat clan, I guess this is how the game is going to end, henry cleaning up the loose ends.

I hope that I didn't share anything I shouldn't have, if Puff wants to delete this comment he is welcome to, but I just thought I'd point it out since I noticed it!

Okay I think I will stop commenting on this post, already my third post in 2 days!
(..As you can tell I am pretty damn excited. lol)


I like your enthusiasm and sleuthing :)
You might be on to something.

I hope you don't mind am using two talkback now so the comments and reptiles can be read plus secrets you have revealed can be unwinded

Is that why I get so many comments?

Capture is definitely c

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