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Game of the year no doubt!

Puff I just wanna say that Completing the Mission is absolutely awesome, and that you've got real talent. It had so many great moments, it's so well written, it's amazing. Enjoy the long break, but if there's ever anything else you come up with for a story I'm completely down for it!

Well I gotta say, You finally finished it. Hopefully you get to greater and better projects. Thanks for all the games

Is the revenge ending a entry point reference?

Wha... what did you do? Wh... why? I just got the VH ending... you don't get to do that puff... :(

Great game though

Finally after how long 2015? new game with all other Henry Stickman games. I still remember in 2011 I found this website only for previous game "Escaping the prison" and I never forget how I first complete that game (Legal Ending because I couldn't get that quick time events and I didn't understand english) and now I the last game is released only thing I need to do before buying is wait for my payment in two weeks. I hope this game is going to be legendary.

I should tell you this. Some of the bios aren't right. How do I say this? There's a few two cards that have the same name and description. Like the undercover guy in FtC. I'm pretty sure he's a guy, not a girl. I believe EtP has two that are same . I haven't checked CtM because there's like 200. So yeah. Can you fix that. I wonder what the bio is for that undercover guy.

I wish you didn't add that bio about the kid getting beat up. That's depressing.

Fuck Yeah :D

dear puffballsunited, this game was my childhood!
but to be fair...it is a good way to end henry's full story.

the game has amazing graphics, original story and much more!

i just want to thank you for my childhood being bigger and better.

hope i see you soon in the future

take care and stay safe.


p.s. you are awesome

@TheGamer2207 I came across that bug too, it's not that there are pairs of cards that have the same name/description, but that some cards will show the same text as whatever card you last selected. There's a few like this unfortunately.

I bought it as soon as I woke up this morning and knocked out the first 3 games and all their endings (gonna go achievement hunting after beating everything) before going to work, and I absolutely love everything about the remasters and the collection as a whole. It does kinda suck that you had to alter some of the direct references to other games (like the Portal Gun, Pokeball, the FF victory music), but it's understandable because of copyright and such, and still doesn't take away from the animations at all. Everything looks great, is just as fun to play as it was on here and Stickpage so many years ago, and has me laughing the whole way.

I'm hyped to keep playing, I just got to Completing the Mission after grabbing all the fails, endings, and bios of the previous 5 games, and good lord no wonder it took you so long to finish this finale. This final chapter in Henry's story is just massive, and I'm gonna have a hellova time going through it all. Thank you for this gift, and $15 definitely well spent!

Well, now we wait until we get to translate stuff.

Great job! I'll be sure to grab it when I can.

Now is 15$ or elss

@trainfan2004 me too pay from PuffBalls 1st Steam

I just need to get "Assemble The Crew", "This Is Fun", "Speedrun Strats", ant the first secret, then I will have all the achievements. If anyone knows how to get those, I would like to know.
Great game! 10/10!

Well, I know HOW to get "Assemble The Crew", I just need to find all the Among Us plushies.

I got all the achievements now!! Yeah!

I'm watching Markiplier playing it right now. Dude, the game looks absolutely amazing, and I'm also in the process of buying it. I just had to comment, because you legit got me to tear up during one of the endings. Amazing work, man. Absolutely amazing.

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