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First xdd

Dude im hyped! like 10 or 11 days left right? im happy this past month went by fast

it'll be here in no time!

@Stickfan12 gg dude

will you release this game on consoles and google stadia?

Please keep all your comments in one comment. You don't need to comment 4 times in a row. No It's not coming to consoles or Stadia.

also what is ellie's last name?

also will bios include ages and birthdays?

If I didn't mention it in the news post then it's not included.

also is the guy in the last pic the guy in the default newgrounds profile picture?


also will dave appear in completing the mission?

"One of the most experienced pilots" *crashes helicopter into everything*
Still having this as a late birthday present I'm so excited for it :D

He's even more experienced at crashing so that's saying something.

It's a super fun idea, and I love the added detail of each bio card having a unique design based on the game (ie. the diamond, prison cell bars, the toppat, etc)

Pricing Flash game sequels is so tricky! There is this entitlement from users that the new game should be kept free, even if it took 100x longer to make.
$15 is a perfect price for this collection! It's already a pretty reasonable price for the new installment alone. $10-15 would have been the expected minimum range for that. But when you include all the remasters, and this additional content, plus the fact that we as the fans should be more than happy to contribute a "tip" to your years of hard work, I'd say at least $15-20 would make sense.
So that $15 perfectly captures a combination of encouraging fans to splash out, while not undervaluing your hard work too much!

That's really good to hear. It's really difficult to try to put a price on your own work.

also sorry for making multiple comments, i didn't mean to annoy you. anyways so hyped for this game! hope it does well!

Great idea with the bios. My birthday is on the 5th, so I couldn't have asked for a better present. Do you consider ever releasing the cards as a merchandise after you're done with the game? I'd definitely buy it.

It could be cool but I don't know how much work it would be.

What is Charlies’s experienced at? Crashing his helicopter?

cool feature

Hmm. I see 9 digits in the bottom left corners of the cards. What do those numbers mean?

They are literally randomly generated to make it seem more like real card serial numbers

@thecooldude2349 Hey, if Dmitri has been in charge of The Wall for 50 years straight (about 1965-1970 is his start), he must be at least 72 years old in-game!

The reason why you named Johnny's last name "Panzer" was because Panzer means armor. That's why he's carrying a gun, right?

Panzer means tank in German

I love these! Can't wait to see Ellie's Bios!

This is so cool.

"I dunno why I added this feature, but I hope people like it!"

I do! I find features like these fun, no matter how useless they may seem. I'm super stoked for the game's release! I even started a countdown timer on my phone for when the day comes. Lol

Yay! Glad to hear it!

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