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Oh, my God! So cool! And looks "stick-tacular" too!

Here's hoping!



I am embarrassed, but also kinda... NOT embarrassed, but... I actually squealed when I read the first line...

Do it with pride!

When we played Breaking the Bank, we played it as a quick look through the 'Games' page, having a giggle at the scenarios given.

In Escaping the Prison, we were intrigued with the mechanic of 'choose what to do' gameplay
and enjoyed it very much.

With Stealing the diamond, we were amazed at how interesting the animated bits of the choices looked and the experience was of a 'cinema visit' level, but even better: interactive :) .

With the release of Infiltrating the Airship, we were SO excited to see (and see) what happens next with Henry "The One Man In/Exfiltration Team" Stickman in his path to riches, peace and glory. And without a molecule of disappointment, have an amazing playthrough.

And when we all of a sudden saw the arrival of Fleeing the Complex, we could not even DREAM of it, we were so happy to play more, to just WITNESS how far the story of a white-headed stickman who just needed money (Maybe even get a background story of why he robbed a bank? Maybe?) Went to conducting elite operations for government, escaping custody multiple times and walking right through state of the art security like walking on a rug.

And now that we are getting a final look at the story of our favourite stickman, we all just want to tell you a big THANK YOU for an unforgetable experience of this series from start to finish. We appreciate every single choice you gave us in the game and every frame of animation you did for cinematics. And we want to wish you great luck, streangth, and most of all, a sense of pride in giving birth to this great series.

Thanks again, pal, We are excited for everything you have to show us. Keep it up ;)


This inspired me! I'm hoping I'm not putting too much into the story

are you sure to upload this game on newgrounds and stickpage

No sorry

what oh come on this game will be upload on the year 2020-2021 on steam

I've been working on this game for over a year. I can't afford to release it for free. Plus it's huge!

@UgToPlaterMusic The collection is planned to release on 2020.


@RageShadow @PuffballsUnited well, those guys are definitely from the Toppat clan, and aside from going after their leader, who betrayed him in one ending of FTC, i can't see why Henry would be dealing with them again, and if Henry didn't send a dancing robot into that room, who did?

Hmmm I wonder

I think the gif takes place on a train,
judging by the 2nd picture on the steam page


Loved the series when I was a lot younger, still love it now. Looking forward to it!

I'm glad!

@VAWAVAWA @PuffballsUnited Not at all! We are only excited to see as much as possible of the story! I (personally) think in a conclusion to any saga, there cannot be 'too much' within it's story. Don't stress yourself about what "We want" from 'Henry Stickman'. We know your creation from the start, and we LOVED it, and all thats left is for you to do/add/remove/edit whatever YOU think is right and fitting, like you did with the rest of the series :)

It's a balance of story and fails

@Schazmen @PuffballsUnited License to squeal!


These games were a big part of my childhood, this whole series was. Me, and many others, grew up with this game series growing. Now that I'm almost an adult and this series is reaching it's conclusion I can't help but blink a tear away.

I hope you realize how many people genuinely enjoy such simple humor, and how it brightens a day.

I don't remember if this'll be free or cost something, but I will be happy to spend my money on something as nostalgic as this and it would be an honor to show it off in my Steam library.

Thank you, Puffball!

It'll cost something but I haven't settled on the price yet. Thanks for the kind words!

Your done with breaking the bank and escaping the prison so how much do you have left for stealing the diamond infiltrating the airship and fleeng the conplex

I'm 95% done with all the previous games. I'm only working on Completing the Mission atm

i can't wait!

Me either!

Is that henry with the red hat and yellow strip on it


Do you here chugging? I think it might just be the

The hype train should go back to the station! It's a long journey still

And I think when he get to 95% on completing the mission you will finish the 5% on each game before summer 2020 and then you will launch a teaser for the game then it will come to steam for a good price to you and maybe since you don’t have plans for it launch it for iOS and Android for the same price if you want

We will see about mobile. If I do it, it would be way after

I CANT WAIT!!!!!!! im such a big nerd fan for the henry stickman things and i hope the price isnt to high. i hope it gets done soon! - your biggest fan

The price should feel worth it

I hoped it comes free on steam

Definitely not. i've been working on this game for 2.5 years

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