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Ooh, this is exciting. So all the options have some affect on the game? Hope it'll be great~

I hope so tooo

Hey, where's the Lighting Quick Larcenist in there? Stealing that bear is obviously the best choice out of all of them!

But that's a fail, not an ending.

Well, that's gonna be hard to make, if your using TellTale Games levels of programming.

You'll just have to wait and see

How are these going to be released? iTunes? steam?


Maybe the mission is that Henry Stickman is ending the person that created him.

I wouldn't stand a chance

OOoo this is gonna be interesting to see how you pull this off


So Exited (:

Me too

OMG IM SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Me too

So this’d mean henry didn’t die on the betrayed ending in FtC, right?

No he died

P.S. I think IRO or TB ending in FtC should only be chosen if you chose GSPI or RPE ending in ItA.


I wonder how the betrayed ending would work...

I wonder.

Can you use this song in this game? https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/507560

Probably not. I think Waterflame's music is pretty expensive to license.

Wait, so what happens if you put in The Betrayed in the combination? Do you not launch the mission at all? I'm confused. /:


So, I just read your 782 hours tweet and i gotta say that it's amazing just how much work you put in these games, it really shows that you care as much about them as we do.

I honestly couldn't care less about a release date, just make it public when you think it's ready. This is the final chapter after all, and each game was worth the wait, i've been following this since STD lol.

P.S: I hope we get to see Henry's suit from PBT again :)

Thanks I appreciate that. I want it to come out as soon as you guys do as well. Animation takes time.

Yup, that's why I never rush stuff like this. Do the 782 hours count the work on the remasters or not? If it doesn't it makes it even more impressive

No that is only for Completing the Mission. I didn't log the hours on the remasters

Can you please make a separate story mode where instead of this choosing screen we play the whole series from start to finish.
also block either IRO/TB based on previous choice

I thought about something like this, but I dunno if it will make it in or not. Worst case scenario you can just do it yourself. Get an ending and move on to the next game.

Do we have an ETA?


@elijahjang @PuffballsUnited I’m trying to say that henry shouldn’t be able to call the government in FtC if he teamed up with the tophat clan in ItA.


I'm doing the betrayed storyline. it better not just be a joke where you die at the start!

EDIT: i just realised you have to choose two endings, nice!


Yeaah I like the interface. It looks good. I hope the game will be the best Henry Stickman Game.
Uhhh yeeeeaaah I wish you a happy Valentines Day even tho its late but still. Have a nice day :D


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