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Escaping The Prison is what first brought my attention to NG back in 2010 (I actually found it via Stickpage). It's nice to see the evolution of your art, too c:

Glad I helped bring someone to Newgrounds! Stickpage did play a big part in helping the series take off too, I shouldn't undermine that.

Happy ten year anniversary dude!

Thanks man!

Love these series man, i'm gonna play all the games on my youtube channel. They deserve waay more attention, not that i could give them that by playing them, my youtube channel is just starting up, but i was just saying they are underrated. :)

'preciate it! Feel free to send me the link if you do! :)

I first discovered the series through Escaping the Prison via Addicting Games.
Then I got hooked as soon as I realized that there was more.
Now, I stand here as the finale approaches; both excited and nervous.
Excited about the hilarity that will ensue, and nervous about what endings will occur.
Does Ellie mean more to Henry than just an ally? Has Henry completely turned himself around into helping his nation fight evil? Will he retain his treats of Neutral Chaos that defined the guy I met all those years ago? Is it even possible to provide a satisfactory ending to this grand decade's long series?
I'd love for all 4 questions to be answered yes, even if in different endings. Just proves to show how much I love this series, and wish to see a proper send-off.

I'm honestly worried I wont be able to live up to the hype, but I'll do my best.

You've definitely come a long way and have been producing quality content for us to play for years! Thank you for that. A lot. I think I first found the series before Stealing the Diamond came out (actually wait, I didn't). And I DEFINITELY remember when Infiltrating the Airship was new. I was a kid when I first played these games, and I've played them a ton over the years. I didn't have an account then though, so I still don't have the medals. I won't be able to play the final one but I'll watch a let's play of it. Good luck, thank you and congrats! It's gonna be an epic finale, I'm sure. The remastered Breaking the Bank looks cool too, though I kinda liked the simplicity of the original. Good luck!

Well it's too bad you wont be able to play the new game but who knows, a lot can happen in that time.

The new animation looks fantastic!
One thing I've always wondered. What's with the off-centered text on the menu buttons? What led to that stylistic choice?

I dunno. I thought the text in center of box looked boring.

We've come So far.

but in the end, it doesn't even matter

Aw so late for the new news! 13 hours! I've waited for this since you first said that you'll release the new news! :D

I wasn't about to post this at midnight when nobody would see it

Great job with remastering. I'll definitely buy the Collection when it comes out.

Awesome thanks! That means a lot to me!

About your reply to one of the comments, don't worry. You've never let us down before and we'll be happy with whatever you make because I'm sure it'll be great.

haha but the never let us down is also pressure

Great Scott!

Good Remastered version. By the Way, 10th Happy Anniversary!


Wow, seeing the first fail already, made me laugh out loud! Congratulations

I'm glad you liked it!

That's so neat i remember hearing about these games when i saw Markiplier play some

I'm glad!

Happy 10th anniversary to Henry Stickman! I'm very much looking forward to the finished piece of both Completing the Mission and the remastered Breaking the Bank. While it is sad to see this series end, it's great that you're going to great lengths to make it the best it can be. I'm very proud of how far you've come since the beginning. I cannot wait to see the final product.

Thanks man! That means a lot to me!

No offence intended... but your original tool designs, compared to the current ones, look like they were drawn by a kid... ha ha... (nervous laugh)

But seriously, great job and congrats on ten whole years! To think without btb there would be no Henry Stickman, and no funny fails to torture him with! I do wish the collection would. Just. Come... OUT!

I'm offended. JK
Well technically i WAS a kid when i drew them. Just a kid in HS.

None of this would exist if you didn't pick Computer Graphics class at highschool. I'm actually thinking of picking that for one of my classes next year.

(Also: does btb have medals/achievements, cuz it's on the fail screen. Unless you're combining all achievements for all remasters)

I think about that all the time.

you should put a map screen in all the games.

They will be in all of them except BtB

@sharkfilms somewhere between 2019 and 2025


can you add a dragon ball option in completing the mission

I prefer to come up with things on my own. I don't like taking requests

Great! The animation and drawing has improved a lot, although seeing as it's been staggered over the 5 games I haven't really noticed until this side by side comparison :)

yup it's pretty stark when you go back

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